Senegal Babies for Sale

  July 19th, 2008 ~~~ We have a plump, fuzzy and content little fella! 24 days old today. We’ve just begun hand-feeding him and he’s a Sweetie-pie. Has taken to the hand-feeding without a glitch. Our weaning time with the chicks is a little longer than many, I like to keep them with us for a minimum of 16 weeks, so you are looking at a “take home” time of approx. Nov.1st. (the hatch-date was June 28th) If shipping is needed then we add another 2 weeks to the weaning period.  

PLEASE READ;     Shakina cavorting in her House of Focker Birdie-tent   COME ON, IT’LL ONLY TAKE A MINUTE !! LOL

Baby Parrots are complacent, curious and SO cute!!!!!! You’d have to be dead not to be moved by those little black eyes looking up at you adoringly. Adult parrots are even more loving because they have had plenty of time to learn that you are their loving and trustworthy leader-of-the-flock! But if you haven’t educated yourself in seeing how the world is structured through the eyes of a Parrot; you WILL have some sort of problem develope as they go through their juvenile and adolescent stages. Hand-fed Parrots who have been properly nurtured as babies WILL be loving, trusting and eager to bond with you. But they are not yet domesticated animals like your dog or cat and they need to be lovingly guided to understand their role in their “human flock” Like any child, they want the security of knowing who has taken on the responsibility of head of the household, and where their place is in relation to that. Security and happiness then results.

The problems which can develope (biting, screaming etc) are the fault of the owner usually due to just not understanding or being aware of the phases these animals go through.  If all this sounds ridiculous and over-doing it because,after all, it’s just a pet; -that position is understandable because most of us are used to dogs and cats. But dogs and cats have been domesticated, and Parrots have not, not yet. Only time can do that. So to deal with a basically wild animal does take a different attitude. For instance, if you try to discipline a Parrot like you would a dog, you will only cause the bad behavior to increase because Parrots really, really enjoy a little drama and they think you’ve just rewarded them with some crazy fun. So that’s the sort of differences you’re looking at if you take a Parrot in as a pet. 

If you are looking at seriously obtaining a Parrot, do yourself a big favor and shell out $15.00 for a compilation of articles put together (and available by PDF file and emailed to you) by Pheobe Greene Linden. They are easy to read and really interesting. You will understand how they think and why they think that way. “.  

If you are the responsible, committed, common-sense sort and you are looking for a feathered buddy please consider us as your bird-breeder. It would very much be our honor and our total pleasure.

Our babies are Vet-checked prior to going to you . They are health-certified by Dr.Prus and also come with a health-guarantee. We practice abundance-weaning  and allow them to fledge and become confident in their flying abilities. The little goof-balls are very well socialized and given daily exercise in what was once called the bird-room but is now referred to as the Spa ! LOL .Curiosity is catered to and playfulness is given every opportunity. They are also  DNA sexed so you know what color to decorate their cage………….



  1. They are so cute!

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